Select Sofa Cleaning in Fulham from the FCC

Regular sofa cleaning will keep your couch looking good for longer, so it ensures you get the best value from your expensive furnishings. Get your cleaning in Fulham done by the FCC to know that the work will be completed by certified cleaners who deliver the best possible results.

Settee Cleaning at Any Fulham Property

Our settee cleaning services are available for homes, commercial, and rental properties in the Fulham area.

Dry cleaning – Is the treatment of choice when the fabric of your couch is susceptible to colour run or shrinkage. Your service will be completed using dry cleaning foams which cleanse fabrics and lift stains without damaging materials. This is also a great option in a busy environment when you can’t afford to have the chairs out of action while you wait for them to dry.

Hot water extraction cleaning – Choose this option when you’re looking for deep cleansing and stain removal on water tolerant materials. Your sofa cleaners will apply your treatment in a series of steps, calculated to produce the most even final result.

Leather cleaning – Your Fulham technicians will use cleansing creams formulated to lift grime while also feeding and moisturising leather to prevent unsightly cracks.

Choose FCC Couch Cleaning For…

  • Seven day cleaning options, including Bank Holidays
  • Technicians who use professional quality equipment that gives superior fibre care and fast drying after water based treatments
  • Low rates, with discount packages available when you combine certain services
  • Your work completed by qualified and experienced cleaners who deliver all services under full insurance

Book a Service Today

Just dial 020 3746 3064 to connect with a member of the FCC customer service team. You’ll get an instant quote and you won’t even be asked for a deposit to reserve an appointment.


by William P on Blank Business Name
Address: Fulham

I was provided with friendly and diligent cleaners. They paid attention to all my personal requirements and even gave me professional advice.

by Rachel H on Blank Business Name
Address: Fulham

An amazing cleaning performance. My property was completely transformed by your fantastic cleaners.

by Olympia Sharan on Blank Business Name
Address: Fulham

The staff cleaned my house just the way I wanted. Everything was sparkling clean from top to bottom.