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Book Affordable One Off Cleaning with the FCC

When there’s lots to do, and little time to do it, call the FCC and book a one off cleaning session. This professionally delivered service is available whenever you need it, and you decide exactly how to use it to your best advantage.

Your Wish Is Your One Off Cleaners’ Command!

Book one off cleaners when you’ve fallen behind with the housework. In just a few hours, your domestic will catch up on your washing up, put laundry through the machine, work through a pile of ironing, or complete other general cleaning that can be done using the detergents and cleaning equipment you have to hand.

Or set up a spring cleaning session. Book a couple of cleaners to shift your lounge furniture to one side, vacuum the usually hidden parts of the carpet and put everything back, plumping cushions and tidying throws as they go. Get your bathrooms scrubbed and hygienic, kitchen appliances cleaned, paintwork wiped down, hard floors mopped, and your furniture dusted and polished.

All the cleaners ask is that you book enough time for them to get through your list. They’ll always start with the most important jobs though, and if they do run out of time you can always book another session.

Book FCC Cleaners By the Hour

  • Minimum working time is three hours, but your appointment can be longer if you like
  • Weekend and weekday sessions are available
  • Your cleaners are reference vetted, trained, and work hard to get as much as possible done in the time available
  • Combine this service with another and you may be entitled to a discount for your package.

Get a Quote for One Off Cleaning

Dial 02037463064. The line is staffed 24/7. You’ll get an immediate quote and have the option to confirm your session instantly.

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