FCC Offers a Better Way to Get Window Cleaning in Fulham

If the thought of climbing a ladder with a bucket of water makes your heart pound and your head spin… Contact the FCC to find out about a better, faster, and safer way to get your window cleaning done in Fulham.

Smear-Free Glass Cleaning in Fulham – Guaranteed

At properties of four storeys or less, with parking available in front of the premises and clear access to the windows, it’s likely that the water-fed pole system will be perfect for your glass cleaning. Your Fulham window cleaners will work from the ground, using an extendable pole and distilled water. Water is pumped up the pole and across the glass to lift dirt. Windows are allowed to air dry, for a smear free finish.

No detergents are required as the purified water used acts as a powerful solvent in its own right. PVC sills and frames are cleaned at the same time as the glass, and the speed and safely of this method makes it a very affordable option.

FCC Brings You…

  • The benefits of a 24/7 contact and booking line
  • Free quotes on any work you’re considering, with no payment due until your service is complete
  • Reference vetted and trained Fulham cleaners who work hard and always treat you and your property with utmost respect
  • Weekday and weekend cleaning options

Find Out More and Get a Price

Call the FCC 24/7 on 020 3746 3064The person you speak to will ask you a few questions about your premises to assess whether water-fed pole cleaning is your best option, or if a different technique will suit you better. You’ll get a quote, and if you’re ready to book, your appointment can be reserved in a matter of minutes.


by William P on Blank Business Name
Address: Fulham

I was provided with friendly and diligent cleaners. They paid attention to all my personal requirements and even gave me professional advice.

by Rachel H on Blank Business Name
Address: Fulham

An amazing cleaning performance. My property was completely transformed by your fantastic cleaners.

by Olympia Sharan on Blank Business Name
Address: Fulham

The staff cleaned my house just the way I wanted. Everything was sparkling clean from top to bottom.